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Noor Library is an electronic library only interested in Arabic books in particular. We have no limits in the number of books, the number of copies, the number of authors, the number of access, and it can be browsed through the library website
We do not have any branches in any country and we do not work in paper books at the present time. We care and believe that e-books reach anyone in the world with the click of a button in an unlimited number at the lowest cost, unlike paper books in which the number of printed copies is limited and the cost of printing and delivery to the reader is very expensive. We also believe in the importance of science and the necessity of making it free, especially in the current political and economic conditions of Arab countries and Islamic.
Noor Books is a UK registered company We are a fully Arab Muslim team based in the UK and some Arab countries and believe in the importance of science and freedom of expression for individuals and societies.
At the moment this is not available and Noor Library is an electronic library only.
It is better to create an account in the library for free and publish the book yourself on your account so that you can access the book at any time, modify it and control it, whether by publishing, stopping publishing, stopping downloading, saving copyright and other options
Definitely not.. You can download any book available for free download without paying any money.
If the book is available for download and is not closed due to copyright and you are unable to download, please take a screenshot for the exact problem and send the photocopy by mail to examine the problem and solve it.
Unfortunately, all the books that can be made available are only available through the Noor-book.com website. If you did not get the book through the site, you cannot obtain it in any other way through us. We apologize to you.
Despite our belief in the importance of free knowledge, we respect the rights of book authors and publishing houses. We have no right to make them available for free without the consent of their owners. However, we do not have the electronic copies of these books from the ground up, and there is no way to open these books through us. It is published as a cover, title and short description only for the purpose of promoting and supporting these books, and also providing some information on these books is definitely better than not having it in the library when looking for it.
The subscription paid to the library includes some services that do not include opening these books.
Old and forgotten books that have become in the past are published to preserve the Arab and Islamic heritage, books whose publication is accepted by their authors and books whose owners agree to publish them free of charge. As for the books on which the copyright sign is reserved, we do not have the right to make them available for free download and reading. A system is being prepared to enable copyright holders of these books to display their books and benefit from them financially and not display them for free.
We do not have any application for Noor Library on any system and we do not have any other site. All we have is only
noor-book.com and any other applications or sites with the same name and the same library logo, but it is a theft of the name of Noor Library and the logo.
Most of the books whose authors do not agree to publish them for free have a cover, a title and a short description only without the ability to read and download the book for the purpose of advertising and support for these books. However, we do not own the electronic copies of these books from the ground up, and they will not be opened at any time without the consent of their owners.
But if you make sure that your book is available for download in the library without your permission and you do not agree to keep it in the library for free, we regret this explicit violation. Stop downloading it immediately and keep the book's title, cover and short description of the book not exceeding ten lines only.
These books have been retrieved from various sites on the Internet after verifying the consent of their owners to publish them. We may have made a mistake in making sure that the author agreed to make it available free of charge on the Internet .. We apologize for that, as soon as you reported the book with proof of ownership, if possible, it will be stopped immediately.
You can do this in two ways:-
The first: Create an account in the library and publish the same book, attaching the electronic version of the book that the readers would like to view, and the book will be reviewed and published, and the old copy in the library will be deleted.
Second: Contact us via mail and send the electronic copy of the book, the link and address of the book already in the library that you want to add or replace, and the data of the book you want to replace.
Publishing within Noor’s library is free and very easy by creating an account in the library, then writing your data, then pressing the publish book button and writing the book’s data, and it will be reviewed and ensured that it does not violate the terms of publication within two days at most.
Book publishing terms and conditions:
  • The publishing policy is clear rules established by the Noor Library management that define the rights of the library and the rights of the author and the publisher.
  • You have the right to publish any book in Noor Library for free in any field and make it available to the public for reading and downloading or reading only without downloading or publishing the cover and title only without making it available for download or reading for the purpose of supporting the book and marketing it without an electronic copy of the book.
  • The library does not sell any of these books for the benefit of the library at all, whether electronically or in print, but the library has the right to display profitable ads on the library’s web pages and not within the book’s content, and the library has the right to provide paid services to users that include deleting ads and speeding up browsing in the library.
  • Copyright holders of authors, publishing houses and various entities can sell electronic copies of their books at Noor Library after proof of ownership, and Noor Library’s share of 20% from each electronic copy sale, including money transfer fees. (still under construction)
  • The Library is not responsible for the spread of the book over the Internet If downloading the book is enabled, we do not guarantee the behavior of thousands of users of the Library. But you can make it available to read online only without downloading, and this limits book theft, through the book settings.
  • That the content does not violate humanitarian and legal principles, does not encourage violence, terrorism or bullying, does not include any slander or insults to any individual or entity, does not contain talismans, acts of magic or lies, does not contain sexual allusions, nude images, or any indecent materials.
  • Not to impersonate any individual or organization without their permission.
  • It is forbidden to publish any propaganda material outside the cultural, scientific and entertainment field.
  • If you enable downloading or previewing the book, you must have the right to publish the book whether you are the author or allowed to publish the book by the author or the author is allowed to publish the book without restriction or publish an old book or under a Creative Commons license.
  • The book file should be pdf, in clear language and format.
  • It takes a maximum of two days for any post to be reviewed and any violation of these policies will result in your book being rejected or your account being banned.
  • The administration may request proof of copyright for the book at any time it suspects the publisher or that the book is reported in violation.
  • You agree to this policy once you have published a book.
No .. You can publish the book for the purpose of advertising and support for the book by publishing the title, cover and short description of the book in ten lines at most without making it available for download and reading to preserve copyright.
The book appears in the library search engine and Google search engine when anyone searches for it within 10 days at most.
The book must be published first, and after its publication and approval, it will appear to anyone who searches for it in the library or in Google for free. To your account and then promote the book.
The period for reviewing any book after its publication or modification is two days at most, during which it is ensured that the library’s publication policy is not violated.
You will be notified in your Library account of the approval or reason for rejection.
Yes, certainly possible. We encourage electronic publishing in addition to paper publishing, but this is up to you if you have a contract with any publishing house not to publish it electronically, it may expose you to legal accountability, so you must refer to them first if you have a contract with them.
Yes, if the book is published in the Noor Library, it will appear in Google within 10 days at most when anyone searches for it with the title of the book in Google.
You can do this through the book settings button at the top of each book on your personal page after logging in to your account.
Unfortunately, the Noor Library website works in all countries of the world except for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to the Saudi authorities blocking access to the site within the territory of the Kingdom, claiming copyright infringement. And to unblock the Saudi territory, a VPN program must be used, which is a program that enables you to browse the Internet as if you were in another country.
Yes, you are allowed to do this for personal use only and not to print in large quantities and sell them, so you are not entitled to do so without the consent of the author.
You can do this by creating an account in the library and through the settings, you can write your CV and publish a personal photo, then send us via mail the link to your account and the link to your page as an author, which contains the old data that you want to modify so that we can link them and change the data as you want.
Please send by e-mail the link of the book and the link to your page as an author so that we can transfer the book to you.
At the present time, you can publish a book as a book cover and description only for the purpose of marketing and supporting the book without making it available for download or reading to preserve the copyright, or you can publish the book and make it available for download and preview for free and without charge.
Work is currently underway on a program in the library to enable authors and publishing houses to sell electronic and paper books in the library and to generate income from it after verifying the ownership of the book.
Donation money is spent on site server rents, cloud services, CDN network services, cyber security services, salaries of site developers, server administrators, content reviewers, and copyrights (the number of books reached 603 thousand titles, the volume of books in the library to 5100 GB, the number of daily visitors 250 thousand people around the world, and the number of downloads 161 million downloads, and this is a great challenge, as it requires devices with powerful hardware and networks with large packages, which are very expensive) and no money is paid to book publishers and authors so far, and publishing in the library is still free and unlimited.