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Sons of Chaos, The first two novels, Book 1,2: Zero Moment - The Sect (Book)

Unknown person, whose aims are not known, and unclear about his means, conducts a complex brainwashing operation for a number of victims in cooperation with a woman who had previously been recruited to act against him, who has succeeded in brainwashing the other?!
Between Israel, America, Syria, Iraq, Malta, Turkey, exceptionals are fighting an extraordinary war, of which you have never heard.
That's what you'll recognize in the events of this first series of Son of Chaos novels.
-Zero Moment Novel

Walid is a young boy, and because of his cow, he becomes a strategic target for an officer in the State Security Service, who discovers that a mysterious story revolves around him, finding themselves in the midst of a complex process of mass brainwashing in one of the most brutal prisons, to make one of the world's most dangerous functional denominations, and then ending up under the microscope of the Son of Chaos series.
-The Sect Novel

I appreciate your valuable time. Believe me, I am the best to know. That is why I was careful that this was not just a classic, casual series for fun while you are drinking your morning cup of coffee.
Perhaps by it, I want to stir up that madness within you, who you have always been told, would be the cause of your ostracism, and your expulsion, out of the herd.

To all those who are introverted, loner strangers of their societies,
to all the madmen, in the eyes of those around them,
you are the ones who make the difference.